La Flor de Cano Siboney, Regional Edition for Canada


Havana House and Habanos S.A. are pleased to announce the merge of three traditions in the realm of the best cigars of the world, an exclusive product that can be enjoyed thanks to the work carried out by the most prestigious company of Premium Cigars on the planet.

Founded back in 1884,La Flor de Cano is a historic brand. Some of the pieces collectors value the most in the Habano realm are part of this brand.

On the other hand, Siboney is the name of an indigenous tribe that lived in Cuba before America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. The tribe’s ceremonies, unknown by the conquerors, led the Spaniards to consume tobacco and contributed to the birth of the incredible Habano world.

The third tradition refers to the favorable reception given by the Canadian market to Regional Editions. La Flor de Cano Siboney joins a list that includes Bolívar Simones, Ramón Allones Gordito de Allones, Vegas Robaina 15th Anniversary, among other new products. With Factory Vitola Minutos (Ring Gauge 42 x 110 mm long), this cigar was designed for smokers in search of a short Habano, with mid-level price and capable of satisfying interest in Cuban cigars.

All Flor de Cano Siboney Habanos have been totally rolled by hand with long filler and 2,000 numbered boxes will be available in the market, with 25 units each. La Flor de Cano Siboney is already being sold at Canada’s La Casa del Habano, Especialistas en Habanosand Tobaconistas.