Liking for Habanos Ramps Up


The liking for habanos is up despite the economic crisis and the antismoking campaigns, Habanos S.A. marketing vice president Manuel Garcia said in a press conference.

The exec explained that even though revenues slumped as much as 8 percent in 2009, habanos continue to lead the pack in the premium cigar market with a staggering 71 percent of all sale volumes –ruling out the U.S.- and 80 percent in values.

Mr. Garcia added that the decline in the number of flying passengers worldwide also took its toll since duty-free stores in airports represent a major niche for habano sales.

For her part, Habanos S.A. operative marketing director Ana Lopez said the Festival is by itself a big sign of how important habanos are, this time around with over 1,000 attendees from 70 countries.

In the same breath, the parallel tradeshow has gathered 53 booths from seven countries, including one from debuting India. Another major development is the Habanos-Tequila Alliance that has brought along 11 Mexican companies and 13 different brands of that particular item.