Master Class on Cigar Hand-Rolling


Some delegates couldn’t keep their excitement to themselves and made the traditional clanking sound of jackknives during the master class on hand-rolling of a premium cigar, an event held once again as part of the 16th Habano Festival’s International Seminar.

Like in previous editions, attendees spread out across Hall 3 of the International Conference Center in Havana in order to roll –guided by master cigar roller Miguel Barsaga and the advisory of other cigar rollers—  a Trinidad Colonial (ring gauge 44, 132 mm long). 

The rookie cigar rollers found everything they needed to make their first-ever cigars. Protected by the traditional apron, armed with sharp jackknives and special glue, their hands went handling the scented leaves to come up with the filler, binder and wrapper for a personal version of the mystical Cuban cigars.