Master Course from Cuba’s Habanos Academy Comes to a Close


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Just another Master Course from Cuba’s Habanos Academy came to an end in recent days. This time around, the two-week course was taught both in English and Spanish, led by trainers and professors from different Habanos S.A. distributing agencies worldwide.

This time up, the participating nations were the Czech Republic, Italy, Grand Canary, Israel, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The event’s venue was the Melia Habana Hotel, where attendees were lectured on the growth and making of Habanos, as well as their marketing and sale.

In the same breath, they paid visits to tobacco plantations, curing barns, seedlings and cigar factories for a closer look at all the processes that lead to the making of those vegetable gems called Habanos.

Designed as a three-tier training system (Master, Senior and Junior), the course seeks to get an even message across about the Habano (P.D.O.). The Habanos Academy pursues the formation of trainees in communication, especially the staff of Habanos S.A. Exclusive Distributors around the world, retailers and other sale outlets, and even end users.

As a concept, the Habanos Academy wants future Master graduates to come and touch everything related to Habanos with their own hands, both on the fields and in the factories.

Cuba, home to this product and recipient of a rich centuries-old history and tradition, is entitled to provide this kind of training in the Master category. Its graduates are certified as trainers and are cleared to organize their own courses in the Junior and Senior categories, in close coordination with Habanos S.A., the top authority in this project.

Given the strategic significance of the Master course, the Academy pays close attention to the image of Habanos, the marketing protection and the defense of values as traditional economic resources. All these aspects are vital for anyone involved in the sale and marketing of this product.

Habanos Academy

Habanos Academy

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