“We’re in the presence of two products that were created over a hundred years ago: Cuban rum and cigars, and that’s really something to be enjoyed and honored,” outstanding habanosommelier Fernando Fernandez said


The Balcony of Bayamanaco, known as the Habano Balcony, was held in late November at Memories Miramar Hotel


The Double Crown of Punch, a brand with 175 years of history, went eye to eye with four wines in a blind tasting session


The pairing between Partagás Series D No. 4 and Chivas Regal 18 Years was one of the highlights within the framework of the 5th Excelencias Gourmet International Gastronomic Seminar, Havana 2015


Partagás Series P No. 2 was chosen to celebrate five centuries of the foundation of Santiago de Cuba



There is a very brief instant when the sublime and the eternal come together in that gorgeous space where the most desired pleasure floods the senses and takes control of everything as a result of the most genuine pairing.


Montecristo Open Master and Ron Santiago Añejo 11 and 12 Years were paired within the framework of the 1st Excelencias Santiago de Cuba 2015 International Gastronomic Seminar and the 1st International Symposium from Cacao to Chocolate


Over a thousand guests attending the 17th Habano Festival wallowed in all the sensations premium cigars can provide, coupled with foodstuffs and drinks. A good case in point was Habano Moments, a space that has gone stronger within the event and that’s highly coveted by hedonists and smokers from around the world


Nobody was let down. Quite on the contrary. The much-anticipated alliance between Habanos and Italy’s Chianti wines, carried out during the third day of the 17th Habano Festival, was a special moment. Another example of the pleasure achieved by combining, with elegant harmony, two internationally acclaimed kings.


The 17th Habano Festival hosted a special tasting session that matched Romeo y Julieta Piramides Añejados and the Montecristo Churchills Añejados with two glamorous Havana Club rums: Selección de Maestros and Añejo 15 Años