An exclusive pairing-after-lunch conversation between distinctive products such as Habano, Petit Robusto of Hoyo de Monterrey, and the brand-new Elixir of Ron Legendario, crowned the lunch during the first day of Excelencias Gourmet International Gastronomic Seminar, held at Melia Habana hotel, on July 11 – 12, 2012.


Centuries-old histories, denominations of origins, land and tradition as backdrop are some of the common things shared by these products that met at the 14th Habano Festival to close a promising alliance and serve as another expression of the exchanges that began in the wake of that faraway encounter –still unfinished- between Europeans and Cuba’s tobacco 520 year ago.


Those who swarmed over the hall voted for the two finest pairings between these two unique world-class products


Two great all-Cuban products –Cohiba Behike, the most exclusive Habano vitola, and Havana Club Máximo Extra Aged- came together to please those who love great pleasures in life.


Those attending the Festival had a big surprise as they tasted a Partagas Lusitana with a couple of products out of Bodegas Torres in Cuba: the Oporto-style Malamado Malbec and the 20-Year Torres Brandy


Two brandies from Bodegas Gonzalez Byass came by the hand of Iberotrust de Mercado to the Festival just to meet some habanos


A Cuban rum and a Scotch whisky showed they can also turn out a good alternative to join habanos when it comes to after-meal talks

By Fernando Fdez Milian

Every civilization has a need for luxuries. That’s why the Cuban cigar is part of the luxury industry at times when its supremacy becomes evident. And even though people relate this product to the big cigars, few can imagine that we can take the same pleasure provided by a Churchill, or a Double Corona, from a Minut, a Perla, or a Petit Robusto.

By Ph. D Luis Sorinas

Strength, flavors, smells, sizes, smoking time, harmony; all that and more cross a sommelier’s mind every time he has to recommend a Habano to a customer. That’s why, having a portfolio of Habanos is a tool that will lead the customer to making the right decision on the basis of good taste, the knowledge of the artists and the characteristics of each brand.


The excellent pairing between Habanos and spirits, such as Cuban rum –two symbols of Cuba’s culture and history- was enjoyed during the tasting session of both products performed by over 40 maître, sommeliers, bartenders, businessmen, intellectuals and journalists at the Havana Club rum factory, cradle of Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros.