Memories of Cuban Tobacco: A Singular Approach to the Habano from France


Varied paintings, including the Mona Lisa with a habano in her lips and different texts, provide a singular approach to the memories of the prestigious Cuban cigar. This is the work of French David Kessel and Cyril Pelletier.

It’s an excellent textbook that counts on attractive design and nice format, so French people who love habanos can read it fast. A legion of enthusiasts gathered at the Cuban embassy in Paris.

Baiser de feu: Le cigare (The kiss of fire: Habano) is the title of this book that includes illustrations by Kessel, an outstanding artist who’s dedicated to themes such as music, circuses, the Belle Epoque and the cigar within his universe of Fauvism trendiness.

A summary of 69 visits to the Habano Island, the love for its culture, music and history, as Kessel put it during the event, where some of his paintings could be admired in a nonpermanent exhibition at the diplomatic venue.

With his personal mark but without hiding his winks at classics, such as Matisse, Gauguin and indirectly Da Vinci and Monet, the author is accompanied by the enthusiasm of Pelletier, "the cigar goldsmith" as he’s called in Paris due to his Art Tabac cava.

A shelter for smokers in the City of Light, a remedy for stress and admiration, a parenthesis for the Largest of the Antilles, according to Pelletier.

A fast review on Baiser de feu, that carries forewords by Alain Decaux, a member of the prestigious French Academy, shows an exceptional summary on the memories of the Cuban cigar.

It’s a grand honor and pleasure to count on such a high-quality work, said Cuban ambassador to France Orlando Requeijo. Socialist senator and vice president of the France-Caribbean friendship group, Serge Lagauche, also attended.