Mexico Leads Sales in Latin America


It’s easy to say it, but these astounding commercial outcomes stem from the patient endeavor of a groundbreaking company in the creation of the well-known Casa del Habano (Habano House) franchise that’s currently expanding all around the globe.

Mexico’s Importadora de Puros y Tabacos S.A. de C.V. ( founded the first Casa del Habano in Cancun and it now owns a network of 15 of those specialized outlets, with great expectations to open two or three more in the course of 2010 and eventually take the lead in that business, even ahead of the Cuban market, IEPT executives Alejandro Bandinez and Bernardo Andres told Excelencias.

The original work of Max Gutmann and Rodolfo Velazco, the two men who get the credit for opening that first cigar store in Cancun, is now reaching out to the Riviera Maya with two other establishments where international tourists are by far their top consumers, chiefly American travelers who cash in on this opportunity to get around the U.S. economic ban on this top-of-the-line Cuban product.

“Today,” Bandinez and Andres go on to say, “one of our main efforts here is the battle against fakery, the defense of those who trust in the quality of Cuban brands and fall prey of deceitfulness. Rather than persecuting or punishing fakers, we just reward those merchants who sell the genuine habanos, mainly the most sought-after brands like Montecristo, Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta or Partagas.”

As a positive sign of the times, they point to the successful sales of legit habanos in a new kind of space designed for habano lovers called Cohiba Atmosphere, a genuine shrine for the ultimate delight that combines haute cuisine and top-drawer wines in an exquisite ambience that packs a wallop for the senses in every way.