Montecristo Golf Cup: A Moment to Pair Habanos


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 The fifth edition of the Montecristo Golf Cup took place on April  2013 at the Varadero Golf Club in Cuba, sponsored by Habanos, S.A.. and organized by the Palmares and Esencia groups, and it was not only an interesting sport event, but a great celebration in the world of Habanos, which included tasting sessions and pairings with an exquisite 15 year old Glenfiddich whisky.

Once again, nearly a hundred golfers from some fifteen nations –many of them great Habano aficionados- gathered for three days to compete and forge a golf brotherhood, all of them linked for their shared passion for this sport and for the best premium cigars in the world.

Cuban golfer Annia Blanco won this year’s Montecristo Golf Cup.

The event’s gala dinner held at Xanadu Mansion was the perfect scenery for sommelier Karel Lopez Palenzuela to lead a pairing-tasting session of a Montecristo Edmundo with15 year old Glenfiddich whisky. The moment was enjoyed by the attendees, who praised the excellent proposal.

 The Montecristo Golf Cup is named after one of the best-known and most acclaimed Habano brands in the world, created by Cuban cigar rollers who were inspired in the factory readings and decided to honor their favorite novel hero –penned by author Alejandre Dumas- by giving his name to his new brand.

 The award ceremony of the 5th Montecristo Golf Cup was attended by Mr. Andreu Mackdonald from the Esencia Group, Mr. Marcelino Benz from Habanos S.A., Mr. Cecilio Herrero of Caribbean Resort and Golf, and Jaume Roma of Playa Golf.