New Cohiba Atmosphere in Phnom Penh, Cambodia



Phnom Penh, Cambodia, has joined the exclusive list of cities featuring a Cohiba Atmosphere by opening a new space at Raffles Le Royal hotel, where a wide range of Habanos and accessories are offered to smokers.

The hotel opened its doors back in 1929 as Le Royal and it is one of the benchmark places in Phnom Penh because of the visits paid by such celebrities as Jacky Onassis and Charlie Chaplin. The hotel was closed in 1975 and reopened in 1997 as Raffles Hotel, after undergoing a meticulous renovation process.

The new Cohiba Atmosphere in Phnom Penh has devoted 70 square meters to Habanos, and its smoking room can comfortably accommodate some 10 customers.

The brand-new Cohiba Atmosphere opens every day, 12:00 am - 12:00 pm.