New Stuff


“Today, Habanos in Trinidad are rolled in Vuelta Abajo, the most important city of Pinar del Rio’s tobacco-producing regions, always ruled by the same principles of exclusivity that has marked its career,” said Javier Terres, deputy president Development for Habanos s.a., during the night dedicated to the Trinidad brand, a function held on the premises of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana


The Trinidad brand awes for its exclusive Vigia Vitola that takes us to the imagery of the village of the holy trinity and the area next to the valley of mills


The new vitola within the prestigious brand has been thought up for those smokers with little time to enjoy the full-bodied character of Partagás




 Boasting seco and ligero leaves hailing exclusively from San Juan y Martinez, the olden Cuban denomination of origin –hoyo de monterreygets a new lease on life with a thick ring-gauge vitola in a historic line that gets both renewed and enhanced: the le hoyo series




The Habanos Collection, a very special product that since its first edition in 2001 became one of the most anticipated Habanos  specialties each year not only by Habano lovers but also by the most demanding collectors and consumers of the best tobacco in the world, has just launched its Volume 11th, with which it starts a second Habanos Collection series, this time around dedicated to Cuaba.


A real treat for collectors and lovers of Habanos is the Replica de Humidor Antiguo Ramón Allones, from which only 350 numbered humidors have been produced for the La Casa del Habano chain of franchised stores, and which contain a very special vitola: AllonesImperiales de Ramón Allones.

The Replicasof Humidor Antiguo of the Ramón Allones brand have been manufactured in precious woods, and made entirely in Havana, in the workshop of Ernesto Aguilera, artist, wood craftsman and goldsmith.


Habanos S.A. has decided to sign off the year and usher in the new one in styleby presenting the first Gran Reserva Partagás in the Lusitanias Vitola, the most emblematic of the brand, in an exclusive and numbered production of only 5,000 boxes of 15 units apiece. The first Gran Reserva de Partagás in the LusitaniasVitola delves into the unique character of Habanos* as Protected Denomination of Origin.



An ideal vitola for smokers who prefer a thick ring-gauge Habano was unveiled by the Montecristo brand by the hand of the new Montecristo Petit No.2, a cigar that enhances the historic Montecristo Classic Line.


A thick ring-gauge and longer Habano for those who like getting kicks out of Montecristo’s full-fledged taste –the Montecristo Double Enmundo- is the new proposal Habanos S.A. has come up with for cigar smokers and aficionados to usher in the autumn. Montecristo Double Edmundo incorporates the new Montecristo ring, which is innovative in its design as it clings to the classic look of the brand.


In recent days, the Portuguese market reveled in the launch of Quintero Favoritos, the new vitola from the Quintero brand, during an event organized by Empor S.A, Habanos, S.A.’ exclusive distributor in Portugal.

A dinner on the premises of the Alcantara Café and Porto (Restaurante D’Oliva) restaurants in the city of Lisbon, on both occasions under the leadership of EMPOR Importação e Exportação, S.A., served to celebrate the 149th anniversary of Casas Havanezas was planned within the framework of the launch. The new vitola from this well-known brand that comes in 25-Habano bundles and 5-unit pouches.