New Stuff


As one of the novelties scheduled for the 13th Habano Festival, H. Upmann is unveiling its new Half Corona vitola (ring gage 44, 90mm long), highly recommended for those willing to puff on a habano in any circumstance.


With sale increases of roughly 2 percent in 2010, Habanos S.A. left behind a very complicated year marked by the aftermath of the international crisis and tougher antismoking legislation spearheaded in some of its traditional markets around the world, like Spain.


Habanos s.a. is pleased to introduce a new specialty exclusively aimed at La Casa del Habano Franchise network: The Allones Superiores from Ramón Allones.

The brand founded in 1837, is known by being the first one to pack the cigars in boxes decorated with labels as we know it today. The Habanos manufactured under this brand has a well gained recognition among all smokers and they are made in the emblematic Partagás Cigar Factory.


Habanos, S.A. is pleased to present the latest novelty exclusively aimed at La Casa del Habano stores worldwide: La Gloria Cubana Inmensos.

La Gloria Cubana is a little known jewel amongst Habano brands. Nevertheless it enjoys a long history. Founded in 1885, its name alone clearly defines its origin. For over a century it has attracted a small but loyal following amongst the most knowledgeable smokers. The brand is characterized by its elegant presentation, especially in the Medaille d’Or Series.


Habanos S.A. is proud to present the Trinidad Humidor specially conceived to mark the 40th anniversary of the brand. Made of cedar and majagua with its characteristic green colour, and reproducing the brand logo on the top made of precious Cuban woods, this case is a masterpiece that has resulted from the expert hands and great skill of Cuban craftsmen.


Habanos S.A.  presents  the H.Upmann Noellas Glass Jar, an exclusive release aimed at La Casa del Habano Franchise stores. H.Upmann is one of the most prestigious Habanos brands. The blend of the brand, characterised by its aroma and mild to medium flavour, is made with selected leaves of the best crops of Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Río, the most renowned tobacco region in Cuba and the world.


This tenth volume is dedicated to the Bolivar brand, and contains 20 Gran Belicoso, a vitola made in a very special way for the occasion by a select group of experienced Cuban cigar rollers who work at one of the most emblematic cigar factories of Cuba: Partagás.


Wide Churchills is the name of the new vitola presented by Habanos s.a. in the Romeo y Julieta brand.
Its special dimensions, unique in this Habanos vitola, make Wide Churchills a particularly attractive Habano for those smokers who appreciate the Habanos of heavy ring gauge and a balanced and aromatic blend.


Just seven words were what Alejandro Robaina needed to categorically lay down how he would have liked to be remembered: “Just as I am; a humble peasant.”His plain and simple answer, uttered with natural character, panned out to be the most accurate summary of what his life was actually like.


The much-anticipated 2010 Limited Editions started hitting the markets in May and many aficionados are already wallowing in specialties from Montecristo, Trinidad and Partagas, the ones handpicked this time around.