A cigar takes 539 steps before becoming a marvelous and excellent premium Habano


The Habanos Festival dedicated one night to Vegueros, the guardians of the century-long tradition of the Cuban fields

During the night, this Habanos brand was re-launched. Attendees were able to sample three new vitolas and enjoy an avant-garde gastronomy which uses Cuban tobacco as an ingredient 

The Gala Evening will be held tomorrow and will be attended by tennis player Boris Becker who will give the Habanos Award in the Communication Category; other celebrities will also attend the event who will celebrate a XV Anniversary full of surprises


Amid the risks, the outcome of betting on innovation has been overwhelmingly positive


Stacked up against 2011, Habano exports or sales accrued 3 percent in terms of units and 2 percents in revenues


In addition to being the Cuban province that grows the world’s finest tobacco, the city of Pinar del Rio stands out for its peaceful atmosphere and the kindheartedness of the people, let alone an architectural environment that boasts quite a few peculiarities.


With two newly-elected co-presidents, Habanos, S.A. is determined to keep growing and upgrading the value added of its sales. The 15th Habano Festival comes as a showroom for aficionados and professionals in the industry to take a closer look at the latest and newest products the company has to offer.


Habanos S.A. raked in $416 million worth in business revenues in 2012, the company’s top brass said in a press conference that opened the 15th Habano Festival


Just another Master Course from Cuba’s Habanos Academy came to an end in recent days. This time around, the two-week course was taught both in English and Spanish, led by trainers and professors from different Habanos S.A. distributing agencies worldwide.


Habano enthusiasts from every corner of Earth now have sections on social networks Facebook and Twitter dedicated to the Habanos Festival, to take place in Cuba on Tuesday February 26, 2013.


Luis Sanchez-Harguindey Pardo De Vera, former chief of Imperial Tobacco Group’s Financial Division, is replacing Buenaventura Jimenez as new co-president of the Habanos S.A. Corporation.