The introduction in the Cuban market of the Habanos Añejados or Vintage Habanos by Habanos S.A. during the 21st Meeting of Partagas Friends –organized by the Partagas House, one of the most emblematic facilities of its kind- was highly acclaimed by smokers, connoisseurs and lovers of habanos.


Celebrated cigar roller Jose Castelar Cairo (Cueto) has just received his fifth Guinness World Record following his making in May of a humongous 81.80-meter-long habano, the longest in the whole wide world.


The 15th Anniversary of La Casa del Habano store, located in the PartagásFactory, at 520 Industria, next to Havana’s Capitol, was an exceptional scenario to launch the concept of Aged or Vintage Cigars into the Cuban market.


Faithful to its tradition of creating products aimed at meeting not only the most general preferences of cigar smokers, but also products specifically thought out for certain markets, Habanos S.A. has launched three new regional editions for Mexico, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.


Habano lovers from around the world will soon reach out for two upcoming exclusives thought out just for the Casa del Habano franchise network and its more than 130 stores around the globe.



From Feb. 27 thru March 2, 2012, Cuba will once again become the scene of choice for the largest international gathering dedicated to lovers of the world’s finest cigar: the habano.

According to Ana Lopez, marketing chief with Habanos S.A., this time around the event will pay tribute to two of habanos’ flagship brands: Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta.


On February 27th till March 2nd, 2012, Cuba, once more, will be the venue of the largest international gathering of enthusiasts of the best cigar in the world: the Habano. In this occasion, the event will pay special tribute to the Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta, two of the most prestigious Habanos brands.

The participants, coming from more than 60 different countries, will have the pleasure of enjoying in exclusive the new vitolas to be launched by Habanos, S.A. in 2012, and of discovering the roots and secrets of centuries-long tradition. Habanos S.A. invites you to enjoy a week of pleasure and delight among the friends who have one thing in common: the passion for Habanos.


Fifth Avenue Products Trading, G.M.B.H. (, exclusive distributor of Habanos S.A. in Germany, has overhauled its corporative website to make it friendlier and more attractive to users.


As part of its nonstop quest for new products to please growing expectations among smokers, Habanos S.A. will be rolling out a few days from now an assortment of luring novelties and limited editions.
The novelty list is topped by the exclusive and exquisite Cohiba 1966 (ring gauge 52 x 166 mm long), a launch by Habanos S.A. to mark the 45th anniversary of Cohiba, Habanos’ most emblematic brand, with a one-of-a-kind format that’s been specially selected for this occasion.


A new web-based platform called AQUI SI (Here Yes) has been created by Altadis with a view to catering to smokers by informing them on terraced or decked establishments in Spain where they can smoke, a move triggered by the new antismoking regulations passed in the European nation.