Pairing of Montecristo with Santa Teresa 1796 Rum at FIHAV 2013








 An exquisite pairing between a Montecristo No.2 Habano and the Santa Teresa 1796 rum took place in the course of the latest edition of the Havana International Fair (FIHAV 2013), attended by Cuba’s Foreign Trade and Investment minister Rodrigo Malmierca, as well as by authorities and businesspeople from Venezuela, and Habanos S.A.’s Marketing Vice President Jorge Luis Fernandez Maique.

 The Montecristo No. 2 is a Habano from the brand’s Classic Line made with selected tobacco out of the Vuelta Abajo (D.O.P.)* region in Pinar del Rio (D.O.P.)* that sways between the mild-to-strong category and is penciled in as a benchmark cigar among the so-called figurados.

 People puffed on the Montecristo No. 2 as they sipped the Santa Teresa 1796 rum, the flagship product from the Santa Teresa Hacienda, Venezuela’s oldest rum distillery.

 By the hand of master rum maker Nestor Ortega and Habanos expert Juan Jose Lopez Freire, of the Tobacco Research Institute, those who attended the tasting session –held at the Venezuela Pavilion in the FIHAV 2013 fairgrounds- appraised the elements that bind these two products together that eventually led to an amazing match of tastes and sensations.

 During his keynote remarks during the pairing event, Gonzalo Fernandez de Navarrete, Marketing Deputy Director of Habanos S.A., praised the virtues of the Montecristo brand. Founded in 1935, Montecristo has since then been one of the best-known and coveted brands in the Habano portfolio, and usually considered by experts as the reference of choice when it comes to Habano taste.

 For his part, Nestor Ortega, a master rum maker at the Santa Teresa Hacienda, explained that Venezuela’s oldest distillery is also home to the very first rum brand registered in Venezuela.

 Its origins hark back to the late 18th century when Spanish king Carlos III granted Caracas’ farm owner Martin de Tovar the title of Count of Tovar and the Royal Seal for the lands that today make up the Santa Teresa Hacienda, home to Venezuela’s rum-making industry.

 Those attending the pairing session took a closer look at the virtues both products have to offer, let alone the matching capabilities of these two brands: the consistency of Montecristo and the elegance of Santa Teresa 1796.

 * (D.O.P.) Protected Denomination of Origin