Pure Mysticism


 Listening to Cuban writer, essayist, ethnologist, researcher and artist Natalia Bolivar is always a privilege. If she speaks within the framework of the Habano Festival, that privilege is twice as much enlightening. Her vast knowledge of Cuban culture allows her to shed new lights on the evolution of the tobacco history and define, from interesting perspectives, the relation between tobacco and religions on the island nation.

The event’s international seminar delivered on Thursday her master class on the religiousness of Cuban tobacco, given by her daughter, writer Natacha del Rio, and complemented by Deysi Brau y Obá Aré Anlé band, which provided unbounded vital and spiritual energy. The session was attended by Habanos, S.A. executives Co-president Inocente Nuñez Blanco and Rodrigo Gonzalez Jimenez, Strategic Marketing Director.

The religious practices of our culture are closely related to the sacred rite of smelling, touching, lightning and puffing a cigar ―the speakers explained and referred to the way the first inhabitants of Cuba used cigars as a key element in terms of religion and magic.

“Habano smokers around the world, specifically in Cuba ―they pointed out― describe the smoke they exhale (…), as an act of magic to protect their freedom, like our native ancestors used to do in their invocations to gods.”