PURO UNO Two Products Share the Same Pleasure


Beyond the traditional spirits and infusions, wine has also panned out to be a Habano ally in the sacred moment of the after-meal service. And there’s a company that knows that too well: PURO UNO, a producer and distributor of fine wines from the Malbec variety that came to the 19th Habano Festival from the heart of Mendoza, Argentina.

The creator of this brand and project, Frank M. Barouldi, a faithful lover of premium cigars who’s been a 30-plus-year collector of antique accessories for smokers. That’s why he chose the name “PURO UNO” for his product; not only for the association with the mystical habanos, but also for being a token of pureness, perfection and excellence.

In addition to making 100% Malbec wines, the company has also tried its hand at making mixtures with other high-quality fruits, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo, that make it an exceptional good wine from the New World.

The notes of ripe fruit, chocolate aftertaste, full body and complexity, make PURO UNO an indispensable companion at the end of any meal, just when the body asks for billows of smoke and the chance to sip at that sought-after drink. Why do we have to relinquish on these great pleasures when we can have them both on the same table?

International Market Supervisor for Habanos S.A., Carlos Ferrán