Short Habanos, Small Giants


Immediate enjoyment of their attributes, ranging from soft to intense aroma and taste from the lighting moment, and pleasure that not even time briefness can do in… This much is what short-burning habanos have to offer, cigars that in just a few seconds let us splurge ourselves into the subtlest sensations of these habanos which are designed to pack a wallop.

In these times marked by work pressure and increasingly tougher legislation, short-burning habanos (less than 20 minutes) come out as interesting options for cigar lovers and aficionados, especially if we bear in mind that this category engulfs a wide array of formats, brands and strengths that allow smokers to handpick those habanos that best fit their preferences.

The great virtue of these habanos is their ability to suit on-the-go smokers in any place, at any time or under any circumstance allowed.

Short-burning habanos are generally shorter than 120mm, featuring an assortment of ring gauges that sway from the thinnest –like Cohiba’s Panetela, ring gauge 26- to thicker gauges like Montecristo Petit Edmundo (52). Within the habano range, there’s a good deal of alternatives that ramp up with each passing year as new presentations and vitolas for this fledgling segment pop up.

These shorties exist as small-scale formats of their bigger, longer brothers. All in all, between the short and long versions the difference in length –they certainly cut down on the in crescendo smelling and tasting sensations big-format cigars can deliver sometimes for more than an hour- is offset by a power of synthesis coupled with the direct and intense relationship the smoker builds with short-burning habanos.

Since they both boast the same essences and similar backgrounds, and in the face of these undisputed advantages and the guarantee of tasting all the notes, intensities and aromas in the brief span of time smokers might have, the unblemished cigar lover will perhaps miss the long time and the calmness of unhurriedly puffing on a bigger habano, yet newcomers to the realm of habanos will appraise their distinctive taste regardless of their smaller sizes. It’s all about choosing from different options, depending on certain preferences, real restraints or time availability either choice will impose on the smoker.

One of the strengths that make Habanos S.A. the world’s leading company in both the offer and marketing of Premium cigars is its ability when it comes to anticipating and trailblazing consumers’ trends worldwide.

These little brothers are part of the protected denomination of origin reserved to label Cuban “totally handmade” cigars, heavier than three grams in weight in line with quality standards established by the island nation’s tobacco industry and validated by the Regulatory Council, rolled with Cuban black tobacco leaves grown in specific regions, which as a matter of fact are also protected denominations of origin.

Short-burning habanos pack in all the best in a shorter period of time and stand for an opportunity to immediately get in direct contact with the qualities and virtues that have singled out habanos around the world for over 200 years.


Recommended Small Giants

The ritual of puffing on a habano comes with a series of within-the-boundaries steps that must also be followed –possibilities and time permitting- in the case of short-burning habanos.

In the brief 20-minute break any executive counts on, it’s possible to walk out on your office’s terrace with a cup of coffee and lighting a Cohiba’s Panetelas (ring gauge 26 x 115mm long) and get carried away with the unmistaken aroma and unrepeatable taste of Habanos S.A.’s most prestigious brand of its portfolio, or just taste the Julieta of Romeo y Julieta vitola (ring gauge 33 x 126mm long) that hit the market recently

This is how many smokers have jumped on the bandwagon and Petit Robustos by Hoyo de Monterrey (ring gauge 50 x 110mm long), especially recommended for those who are cutting their teeth in the habano realm due to its soft-tasting and aromatic blend. In the Montecristo niche, the No. 5 (ring gauge 40 x 102mm), the Junior by Linea Open (ring gauge 38 x 110mm) –highly recommended for outdoor smoking- and the Petit Edmundo (ring gauge 52 x 110mm) are logged as other flagships of this distinguished brand within this particular category.

Excellent and well-balanced, featuring their own shades and differences, the Small Club by Ramon Allones or Partagas Shorts (both of ring gauge 42 x 110mm long) have also made it big in this category as they have captivated the hearts of women –one of the most coveted segments these tiny habanos are made for, accounting for nearly an estimated 10 percent of all total consumers.

Last year the company launched the Julieta vitola by Romeo y Julieta (ring gauge 33 x 120mm), designed for today’s sophisticated women, with an aromatic, good-burning vitola and packed in innovative 5-unit aluminum cases specially designed for these small-size vitolas. 

As the curtains of the 13th Habano Festival roll up for the public, there’ll be some novelties in this year’s edition, like a number of habanos designed for this particular market niche, such as the Half Coronas vitola by H. Upmann (ring gauge 44 x 90mm long) and the Partagas Series D No. 5 (ring gauge 50 x 110 mm, factory vitola D No. 5), in what’s expected to be a promising trio for experts, aficionados and rookie smokers since they are an impeccable synthesis of all the best these brands stand for, ready to be enjoyed at full throttle in a short period of time.

Whatever your preference in terms of strength and taste, either you’re an experience smoker or a newcomer to the habano realm, you’ll surely find, from among the large array of short habanos, the one that best meets your expectations.