Smoke & Drink Event Represents a Hallmark in the Habanos’ World in Italy


Smoke & Drink Italia

One of the most eagerly awaited events of the year 2012 by Habanos lovers in Italy was undoubtedly the "VII Smoke & Drink", which was developed on September 15 in the beautiful Borromeo Villa, in Sarmeola di Rubano (PD).

More than 150 guests from all over Italy and abroad participated in this great event dedicated to the Habanos’ world and organized by the Cigar Club "Cigar Corporation”, in collaboration with Diadema s.p.a.

Prominent personalities from the Habanos’ world inside and outside Italy, as James Suckling, Andrea Vincenzi, and Angelo Bigi, guided the tasting "The Exception Selected Fine - Italian Regional Edition 2012", and they managed to transform a purely educational moment in an itinerary rich in anecdotes and curiosities not only on this fantastic cigar, but also about Cuba and about Habanos to 360 degrees.

The event’s climax was the presentation of the exceptional film / documentary "Cigars: The Heart & Soul of Cuba", produced by James Suckling and the renowned director James Orr.

Presented by the author himself, this documentary’s screening managed had the event attendees to travel across the screen by the Habanos’ world, to discover the true "cigar’s soul", as well as the places and people that make the cigars unique.

Smoke & Drink ItaliaSmoke & Drink ItaliaSmoke & Drink ItaliaSmoke & Drink ItaliaSmoke & Drink Italia