Spanish Golf Champ Loves Habanos


Spanish golf champion Miguel Angel Jimenez said he loves smoking habanos, though his desire to visit Cuba stems from the extraordinary Cuban people.

Mr. Jimenez was one of the honor guests of the 12th Habano Festival that will come to a close Friday in this city following five days of sessions, visits, tastings and meetings.

The golfer, who has been smoking over the past 10 years, quit cigarettes as soon as he tasted habanos for the first time.

Even during the latest world tour, he picked up his trophy with a Cuban cigar trapped between his lips.

Mr. Jimenez stated it was such a great honor to visit Cuba and puff on its habanos.

The man who visited Havana back in 2006 pointed out the Cuban people, their traditions and culture means so much to him.

Among his top choices when it comes to habanos, he leans to Cohiba’s Siglo VI vitola, the same cigar he picked up his Dubai Desert Classic trophy with nearly two weeks ago.

The sportsman was born in 1964 in Malaga’s Churriana and has been one of the most outstanding European golfers from the 1990s to date. He has won the European Tour a grand total of 16 times.