Spectacular Pairing of Vintage Habanos in Chile’s La Casa del Habano


La Casa del Habano in Santiago-Chile was visited by Habanos’ deputy director of Operational Marketing, Gonzalo Fernández de Navarrete, who has developed that activity for over eight years, gave a talk with historic anecdotes on some Habanos brands, present trends of the industry and the preferences of Habano enthusiasts around the world.

The lecture given to a select group of members of the Smokers Club, chaired by José Miguel Salvador, deputy distributor of Habanos for Chile, also included a talk on the properties and benefits of the aging process for Habanos, as well as different theories on the vintage concept.

These events are very acclaimed by Habanos lovers in Chile, who have gotten more information on the Habano world since La Casa del Habano opened in that country in late 2009.

After the lecture, the attendees tasted a Cohiba Siglo III vintage, made in May 2006, along with a Single Malt Glenlivet Nadurra, and the specialists made emphasis on the virtues of a pairing between both products.

The pairing represented a ritual for the members of the Club, who also had dinner with Gonzalo de Navarrete and shared memorable stories and a comprehensive explanation on The World of Habano book.

The history of Cohiba brand since its foundation in 1966 to the incorporation of Behike line in 2010 was the main topic tackled during the conversation held between the deputy director of Operational Marketing and the members of the Club, who learned details on the innovative image of this flagship line and the proposal to use the Medio Tiempo leaf in the blend of the most exclusive line of this Habanos brand.