Tastes & Aromas: Delight and Pleasure Hang Out


The quest for the best combinations of drinks and Habanos was the goal set for the delegates to the 15th Habano Festival during the traditional Tastes & Aromas, this time around featuring a Lusitania by Ramon Allones that came out looking for the best match for it.

Thus, in the course of four different tasting sessions, a 11-year Santero rum, a Tequila Olmeca Reposado, an Oporto Graham’s Sic Grappe, a Brandy Torres 20, and two liquors, plus different chocolates –all of them combined separately with the Ramón Allones- turned out to be a genuine celebrations for the senses that tested the virtue of each and every attendee in the effort to find the best pairing based on their own preferences and likings.

Tastes & Aromas, a function that wrapped up the night previous to the closing of the 15th Habano Festival, has traditionally been one of the most anticipated activities by all delegates and guests attending the party of the ultimate smoke. This time around, different drinks and one Habano –with a common taste to share- were presented.