Tobacco: Precious Material


Eusebio Leal Spengler,

Historian of the City of Havana

The audience on their feet to greet him and welcome him, complete silence as the passionate and wise historian spoke, plus a standing ovation at the end… there’s not much else to write about the way this man brought down the house among delegates and guests attending the 14th habano Festival. It was no less the prose of Eusebio Leal.

With beauty and accuracy, the keynote speaker spelled out the history of tobacco from the times it was first found in these lands of the New World. “It was first looked at as something mysterious, but later on it became a precious material for exportation,” Mr. Leal explained.

“We can’t strip history of poetry,” he warned in his remarks as he underscored the way this leaf that’s used to roll Habanos, “never dies. It just rests only to become a dream, to turn into serenity.”