The Tobacco Sculptor


Completely handmade, Janio Nuñez Leal’s sculptures are tokens of a one-and-only kind of art in the whole wide world: he turns tobacco leaves into collectible artworks.

For over 15 years, artist Janio Nuñez Leal has found inspiration in the habano to create an assortment of sculptures that stand out not only for their beauty, but also for the originality of the raw materials they are made of: tobacco leaves.

Solely made with selected plants from Vuelta Abajo –the cradle of the habanos- in the making process of these pieces he uses no moulds, encasings or similar elements that could make a dent in his originality.

For best preservation, they must be stored at room temperature somewhere 64 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and with relative humidity levels hovering around 60 and 70 percent. These conditions guarantee long life for pieces that were made more than fifteen years ago and that are now in the possession of collectors from Belgium, France, Germany or Switzerland, among other nations.

All works are properly preserved and fumigated in a bid to prevent germs, bacteria or plagues from attacking the pieces.

Janio’s sculptures, a hundred percent made of tobacco leaves, feature such great personalities as Winston Churchill (real-life size), Compay Segundo or Che Guevara. These pieces have toured around the world and reveal not only the endless possibilities of the tobacco plants, but also the unlimited passion habano is capable of arousing, even in the making of unique and artistic sculptures.

Janio Nuñez Leal

Ave. Sta Amalia No. 313 e/ Lincoln y Marti, Apto. 2. Arroyo Naranjo.

Tel: (53 7) 644 34 33

Cell: (53 5) 274 00 31