Twenty Years of Excellence


 Although Carlos Gardel’s famous tango underlines that 20 years are not big deal, that’s enough time for the Habano Festival to assess its contribution to the promotion of the tobacco culture and values behind the best premium cigars of the world.

With a toast to the twentieth anniversary of the event, the attendees to the “Habanos in its Festivals” panel backed up the importance of this international event, as well as its permanent efforts to provide meeting opportunities between aficionados and experts.

As an approach to its history and evolution, the 19 previous editions were recalled by Gordon Mott, CEO of Cigar Aficionado; Miguel Barzaga, Master cigar maker with over 20 years of experience; Carlos Ferran, Supervisor of International Markets for Habanos S.A., and Zoe Nocedo, Director of the Tobacco Museum in Cuba.

Likewise, the panelists mentioned some of the main activities proposed every year ―such as the cigar-making master class and visits to cigar factories, and shed light on results obtained by the Festival not only in Cuba, but also in the international arena.

“An event can only celebrate its twentieth anniversary with high call capacity if it is recognized for its prestige, quality and social and cultural connotation,” Mrs. Nocedo underlined. “May this 20th Festival’s health allow it to hold another 20 editions.”