Vegueros’ Vitolas About to Hit Sale Outlets


The eagerly awaited new vitolas of the renewed Vegueros brand will be available in different sales outlets in every corner of Earth within a few weeks, what has already been labeled a true sales success, since its three innovative formats are going to position this brand as an attractive choice for people looking for peculiar and more affordable Habanos.

Vegueros brand, launched back in 1996, was born to pay tribute to all farmers that, generation after generation, have cultivated tobacco in Pinar del Río.

Over 15 years later, Habanos s.a. decided to totally renew the brand, with its suggestive name that is tightly linked to the origins of tobacco, and replaced old vitolas with three new products: Tapados (ring gauge 46 x 120 mm), Entretiempos (ring gauge 52 x 110 mm) and Mañanitas (ring gauge 46 x 100 mm figurado).

These vitolas offer trendy formats that have been very acclaimed by smokers over the past years and will be within the price range of a larger spectrum of smokers.

Besides the new image and presentation in 16-unit metal pouches, the brand includes a mild-to-strong blend that will give smokers that opportunity to find an affordable, renewed and different Habano in this one-and-only brand.

All of the brand’s vitolas are Totally Rolled by Hand with long filler and a mild-to-strong blend.

Vegueros pays homage to the tradition that exists among farmers who cultivate tobacco in Cuba and make their own cigars.

For a long time, the people that visited Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Río, were curious about the cigars made in the land where the world’s finest tobacco grows, and they wanted to taste them.

That is the reason why Vegueros, whose leaves come from the mystical lands of Pinar del Rio, is also made there, at “Francisco Donatién” cigar factory, a building that dates back from 1868 and was turned into a cigar factory in 1961.


Brand: Vegueros

Store Vitola: Entretiempos

Factory Vitola: Petit Edmundo

Sizes: Ring gauge 52 (20,64 mm) x 110 mm long

Presentation: 16-unit pouch, 4-unit pouch



Brand             Vegueros

Store Vitola: Tapados

Factory Vitola: Mareva Gruesa

Sizes: Ring gauge 46 (18,26 mm) x 120 mm long

Presentation: 16-unit pouch, 4-unit pouch



Brand             Vegueros

Store Vitola: Mañanitas

Factory Vitola: Mañanitas

Sizes: Ring gauge 46 (18,26 mm) x 100 mm long. Figurado

Presentation: 16-unit pouch, 4-unit pouch