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The second preliminary round of the Habanos-Tequila Alliance worked as a grand tasting panel, an event that in the afternoon of the 12th Habano Festival’s opening day reeled in a crowd of experts and habano sommeliers.

The matching-like tasting included nine aged and three extra-aged tequilas, and it counted on the attendance of representatives from the Tequila Regulatory Council and the Habanos S.A. company, that had started working on this project a few months ago and held the first semifinal in Guadalajara.

The participating tequila distillers appreciated the opportunity of being in this event and wished the projected Alliance to become a real pairing of quality and good taste. The organizers said the tasting was supposed to assess the balance between tequila and habanos, as well as the richness, complexity and pleasure this alliance has to offer.

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