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With the good excuse provided by the launch of Cohiba’s Behike line –the most exclusive brand Habanos S.A. has ever produced- the El Laguito cigar factory is once again basking in the limelight of the 12th Habano Festival. Behike is now joining the great Cohiba family, whose members include the likes of Classic Lines (Lanceros and Robustos, among others), 1492, also known as Siglos; and Maduro 5, with the acclaimed Genios, Mágicos and Secretos vitolas.

Created as a habano brand in 1966, at the onset its very limited productions were exclusively reserved as gifts from the Cuban government to heads of State, high-ranking delegations and world statesmen. It finally hit the international market in 1982 and from the very beginning it captured the preference of many and was praised for being the cream of the top of Cuba’s finest cigars.


Paying a visit to the El Laguito cigar factory is a grand tour around the lovely halls of a mansion in the tree-lined residential area of Cubanacan, the chance to wallow in a tradition for a few minutes while being in direct contact with the secrets of a genuine legend called Cohiba, the most sought-after product in the world of world-class premium cigars.

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