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Habano-loving women have formed this peculiar club in an effort to encourage both knowledge of and love for Cuban cigars.

The history of habano cannot skip the presence of women, the inspiring and creative force behind this unique product. And a good case in point was yesterday’s grand opening of the Atabey Habano Female Friends Club held at the Oasis Panorama Hotel in Havana.

These habano enthusiasts who work in the making, marketing and cultivation of habanos not only in Cuba, but also in Argentina, Germany, Greece and Australia, among other nations, attended this Club’s first session that, according to its organizer and director of the Habano Museum, Zoe Nocedo, is intended to be a place for gathering and learning.

The function, also attended by Habanos S.A. Operative Marketing chief Ana Lopez and the company’s Logistical vice president Jorge Luis Fernandez Maique, the Club announced its intention to address such issues as le femmes’ involvement in art and habanos, its making, marketing on the island nation and abroad, and pay tribute to women who have grabbed Habano Awards in different categories.

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