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In an effort to be up to par with the specialties unveiled each year by Cuba’s premium cigars, the new Limited Editions of the well-known mini and mechanized mini cigars were presented.

Clara Lemus, marketing manager of the Internacional Cubana del Tabaco (ICT) company, explained how these products are becoming increasingly popular under the Cohiba and Montecristo brands –the two most prestigious ones in the world market.

For his part, Promocigar Co.’s marketing manager Juan Giron said Cuban mechanized cigars are very good and outline strategies of their own in a bid to keep tabs on how their elderly siblings –the hand-rolled premiums- are faring.

Promocigar is in charge of successfully selling mini and mechanized cigars overseas.

Minis come out in a series of denominations, like Mini, Club and Purito (weighing less than three grams), that are undergoing some presentations and changes in their image designed to further step up the marketing effort behind those items.

For the 2010 Limited Editions under a slogan reading “So Mini, So Big”, they are being sold in 20- and 50-unit metal cases, featuring the signature quality of the finest Cuban tobacco and the strength of a brand like Cohiba (2010 Cohiba Limited Editions).

The new proposals under the Limited Edition category is the 2010 Montecristo, also featuring metal cases in the Mini 20 and Mini 50 formats, with very special taste and adapted to the preference of those consumers seeking a brief but highly pleasant smoke.

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