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The new mechanism enhances the universe of demands from both the Cuban tobacco industry and Habanos S.A. for the sake of the quality of this emblematic Cuban product with thousands of enthusiasts around the world

In light of Resolution 201 dated April 17, 2009 by Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Cuba, which mandated its foundation, association articles and objectives, this institution got going into its official presentation within the framework of this year’s Habano Festival.

Members at the presentation of the Council explained that its top priority will be the enforcement of all quality guidelines that recognize the habano as one of the world’s best-protected and exquisite products, totally exclusive from Cuba and bearer of a history of its own and longstanding tradition.

The Habanos Regulatory Council is made up of Oscar Basulto, President of Tabacuba; Pedro A. Aguila, in representation of the National Association of Petit Farmers; Felix R. Hernandez, Improvement Director for Tabacuba; Fernando Lopez, Director of the Cigar Rolling Industry; Buenaventura Jimenez, co-president of Habanos, S.A.; Manuel Garcia and Javier Terres, vice presidents of Habanos, S.A.; Laura Ramiro, legal secretary, and Adargelio Garrido, Director General.

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