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With a traditional thumping of jackknives requested by Hilda Maria Baro, the Habano of the Year Award-winning director of the Partagas factory, a master class on premium cigar hand rolling kicked off.

As in previous editions, attendees swarmed over the roomy Hall 3 of the International Conference Center in Havana –the event’s venue- to hand-roll no less than a vitola of the Bolivar brand’s Belicoso Fino –the Partagas factory’s flagship product- under the guidance of seasoned cigar rollers.

On the tables laid out for this occasion, the rookie rollers –mostly men and women haling from different parts of the world who have been lured by the fame of the island nation’s habanos- found everything they needed to come up with a genuine hand-rolled cigar for the first time. Wearing the typical cigar-roller’s aprons –they’ll take them back home as keepsakes- their hands were touching and handling the aromatic leaves broken down in filler, binder and wrapper until they got what an expert labeled as “an approximation” to the mystic Cuban cigar.

At the end of the day, surrounded by rounds of applause and suspicious congrats, the most outstanding rookie rollers were announced as they received the recognition of both Habanos S.A. Corp. and Tabacuba.

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