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As many as 827,000 euros worth of Cuban tobacco was the final tab of the closing auction at the 13th Habano Festival, a weeklong event that gathered more than 1,000 people from 70 nations.

The auction sold off humidors with cigar collections from different brands, including the H. Upmann humidor featuring a sculpture by Marlene Silvera and containing a staggering 325 habanos. It was bought by Edward Tang from the Pacific Cigar company.

The Hoyo de Monterrey humidor, created by the JGARRIDOC Group and containing 300 habanos was bought by Aliai Forte from the UK, while the Romeo y Julieta humidor built by artisan Jose Ernesto Aguilera with 300 habanos went to Mohamed Zeidan from Lebanon.

During the interesting bidding game, Greece’s George Fereos walked out with the Partagas humidor, built by architect Jackmel Llera, with 350 humidors. The Montecristo humidor, designed by the DECUBA (Arte en Maderas) Group, with 350 habanos, went to Jose Maria Cases from Andorra.

The most eye-catching piece in the lot, the grand Cohiba humidor, designed by the Humidif Group and containing 400 habanos from that prestigious brand –including several curiosities and unique editions highly coveted by smokers- is now owned by Spain’s Jose Maria Palacios.

The Vegas Robaina humidor was removed from the auction because it didn’t reach the initial bidding.

As in previous years, the bidding was emceed by UK’s Simon Chase and the total amount collected under the gavel will be donated to Cuba’s healthcare system.

The 13th Habano Festival’s closing dinner –the auction was held within its framework- was dedicated to the presentation of the new Gran Reserva de Montecristo. Artists, executives, officials and experts attended the final function. 

The auction was marked by a high-quality artistic show that featured Cuban diva Omara Portuondo and the Compay Segundo band, among other artists, musicians and performers.

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