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The introduction in the Cuban market of the Habanos Añejados or Vintage Habanos by Habanos S.A. during the 21st Meeting of Partagas Friends –organized by the Partagas House, one of the most emblematic facilities of its kind- was highly acclaimed by smokers, connoisseurs and lovers of habanos.

According to manager Abel Exposito, the gala dinner served up a chance to puff on the Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux (ring gauge 42 x 155mm long), a vitola from the Hoyo de Monterrey brand that had been aged since 2003 in 25-habano boxes.

Participants also tasted the Rey del Mundo Coronas de Luxe, aged since 2001 and presented in pouches of 5 and 3 habanos each, as well as the 2007 Partagas Petit Coronas, the 2007 Hoyo de Monterrey Doble Corona and a 2004 Robaina Don Alejandro special.

Mr. Exposito explained that smokers showed tremendous acclaim for these Habanos Añejados because, as they said, they strike a perfect balance in terms of strength, draw, burning and aroma.

Excellent storage conditions provide Habanos Añejados with a longer taste, as well as easier, evener burning, according to those who attended and puffed on them.

In recent years, there’s been a growing trend to look for habanos aged in their boxes, said Abel Exposito. “There’s no doubt that their preservation hinge heavily on storage conditions.”

Like great wines, a perfectly-preserved habano improves as years roll by.

Aged habanos have been around for centuries. However, the peculiarity of this presentation of Habanos Añejados, made by Habanos S.A. during the weeklong Meeting of Partagas Friends, lies in the fact that these habanos have been preserved in perfect conditions in terms of temperature and humidity since the date they were put in the box. Each and every one of these habanos has been checked by seasoned habano quality technicians who certified these habanos will eventually develop perfect characteristics as far as taste and aroma are concerned.

A band with the word “Añejados” (Aged) and a seal in the bottom of the box with the word “Revisado” (Checked) certify these habanos.

This much allows the genuine habano connoisseur to appreciate the whole exceptionality of an excellent Habano Añejado, as Francesco Minetti did, a man who attended the presentation for the Cuban market and called them “a wonder because the aging process has allowed us to appreciate their lofty quality at its best.”

Prof. Fernando Fernandez, a sommelier and habano expert, said the Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux he smoked during the welcome dinner is a well-processed cigar, with its utmost aroma, well-balanced in every way from the lighting to the crushing.

Habanos Añejados unveiled during the Meeting of Partagas Friends will be timely available and in limited quantities in all Casa del Habano stores from now onward.

If you happen on some of these Habanos Añejados while being in Cuba, don’t hesitate to buy them. They can become either a good collectable or just deliver a highly coveted moment of enjoyment.

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