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Habanos s.a. premiada en Inter-Tabac de Dortmund, AlemaniaHabanos s.a. premiada en Inter-Tabac de Dortmund, Alemania










Habanos grabbed countless recognition at the Inter-tabac. The fair which was held  September 14th  to 16th , 2012  in Dortmund, Germany, and it is considered the most important fair for tobacco in Europe.

Many awards during the fair were given to Habanos s.a.:

    "2012 Best of Best", granted by Cigar Clan to Partagás Serie D no 5 as the Best Premium Cigar of the Year,

    2012 Cigar Trophy "Best Cuban Brand" – given by Cigar Journal to H. Upmann brand.

    2012 Cigar Trophy Best Cuban Cigar granted by Cigar Journal to the Best Habano of the year: Juan López Distinguidos, Regional Edition for Germany.

5th Avenue Products, Habanos' Exclusive Distributor in Germany, also gave an award to the Best Habanos Specialist of the Year in their territory, to Dallmayr Tabacladen, managed by Mr. Marco Schum.

At the stand of Habanos s.a. visitors could appreciate the new Cohiba Pirámides Extra, that completes with a figurado-tapered at one end cigar - the historic Línea Clásica. The new Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills, 2012 Edición Limitada, made up by Partagas Serie C No. 3, H.Upmann Robustos and Montecristo 520 were also showcased at the Habanos and 5th Avenue Products booth.

Inter-Tabac Fair is an important event that continues growing year after year, and has become a relevant quote in the annual calendar for the presentation and recognition of Habanos releases.

During Europe’s leading fair for distributors of cigar and smoking accessories, attended this year by over 230 exhibitors, riveted the attention of businesspeople and visitors on Habanos S.A.’s booth, that this time around was enhanced a few square feet more given the success the company has had in previous editions.

Intertabac is highly praised as a meeting ground for cigar makers and distributors, as well as an influence are that stretches out far beyond the German borders since the event was attended by foreigners coming not only from Europe, but also out of North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

The international fair for tobacco and smoking accessories is also a pivotal gathering in terms of communications, let alone a major platform for trade and commerce, and for showcasing a unique assortment of items and services provided by over 200 exhibitors.

Among the participating categories in the fair, there were cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smoking accessories, ground tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigarette paper, stationery, cigarette vending machines and a whole lot more.

Habanos S.A.’s products have traditionally grabbed countless prizes and awards in Dortmund thanks to the exquisite quality of its items.

Within the framework of 2011 Intertabac, Habanos S.A. won a number of awards, including:

- "Best of Best 2011" granted by Cigar Clan to the Cuba’s Cigar of the Year: Cohiba Behike (for the entire series)

- Cigar Trophy 2011 granted by Cigar Journal (formerly known as ECCJ) to Cohiba Behike (for the entire series)

- Intertabac Stars 2011 bestowed on Sancho Panza Escuderos Edición Regional Germany 2011 by specialized newspaper Tabak-Zeitung to the Best Long Filler Cigar, presented by 5th Avenue Products, Habanos S.A.’s exclusive distributor in Germany.

5th Avenue Products, Habanos S.A.’s exclusive distributor in Germany, also handed out the award to the Habanos Specialist of the Year, that went Mr. Martin Schenke and Mr. Dirk Kinne, from TABAK-KONTOR in Leipzig.

Habanos S.A. has also nabbed the 2010 Best of Best award, granted by specialized magazine Cigar Clan, on that occasion bestowed on Hoyo de Monterrey Especial.

What’s more, specialized magazine European Cigar Journal doled out its 2010 Cigar Trophies for the Best Brand to Cohiba, while the Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios walked out with the award to the best cigar.

Other prizes won by Habanos S.A. are the one granted by European Cigar Cult Journal in 2012 to the Cohiba Behike line, which was also distinguished by Cigar Clan.

In that same event a year before, in 2009, Habanos S.A. was awarded for its Bolivar and Partagas Serie D No. 5 Edición Limitada 2008, while in 2010 the same award was won by Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial, the Cohiba brand and the Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios cigar.

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