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Montecristo Cup España

On the last October 18 the Passion Habanos Club hosted its first golf tournament "MontecristoCup" in Spain, in the golf course of La Herrería, located about 400 meters from the El Escorial Monastery.

The field, of 18 holes and a total length of 6.122 meters, occupies 75 hectares and is located northwest of the Community of Madrid, at the foot of Mount Abantos, and has its main axis at the El Escorial Monastery.

It is undoubtedly one of the golf courses in Spain with the best views, being located in a place like no other.

About one hundred members of the Club Passion Habanos enjoyed this journey with the first MontecristoCup developed in Spain, where the vitola Montecristo Open was one of the main protagonists of the day.

Under the Stableford mode, Jesus Diaz Maurino, with a handicap of 0 to 9.9, was the winner in the 1st category and won the Trophy and a box of Montecristo OpenEagle; Alejandro Aguirre Vaquero, with a handicap of 10.0 to 18.0, won in the 2nd category; José Luis Martín Fucho, with a handicap of 18.1 to 26.0, was the winner in the 3rd category, and Miguel Saavedra, with a handicap of 26.1 to 36.0, in the 4th category.

There were also prizes for the winners of the longest drive and the ball closest to the hole 7, among others.

La Herrería GolfClub has within its facilities the Eagle Smokers Club where is very pleasant to taste a Habano.

In closing, by the hand of the Brand Ambassador of Altadis, Jesus Maria Cabaleiro, the club members had the opportunity to approach the Montecristo Openline with its vitolas Eagle, Master, Regata and Junior, a true gift that accompanied those attending the cocktail where the journey’s Awards were given.

Montecristo Cup EspañaMontecristo Cup EspañaMontecristo Cup España

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