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Innovation –the magic word that has made our history possible and has helped Habanos to become a benchmark among cigars worldwide- has played a dramatic role in the prestige of Habanos, in the creation of a virtuoso circle: leadership and innovation, as they are known today, said Fernando Dominguez Valdes-Hevia, general manager of Tobacco Premium, by Imperial Tobacco.

In his lecture entitled “Present and Future of Habanos”, dictated during the opening of the 15th Habano Festival International Seminar at the Intl. Conference Center in Havana, the executive said that amid the risks, the outcome of betting on innovation has been so overwhelmingly positive that everybody agrees it’s been worthwhile.

The philosophy of innovation –a key player in the history of Habano formats- has also been visible in the presentation of tubes, a niche that comprises 20 percent of total sales and that has provided each and every one of the brand with a character of their own, he added.

In this respect, the executive referred to the creation of bands and their further enrichment, a move that eventually streamlined the process and turned them –thanks to their beauty and originality- into worshipping objects for hundreds of thousands  of collectors around the globe. 

He also mentioned the authorized containers the Habanos have been vested with since the 19th century to date, ranging from ceramics, glass or aluminum to other boxes and cases that have taken dramatic changes in recent years. 

As far as brands are concerned, the shakeup and progressive modernization they’ve been subjected to explain why it’s easier today for consumers to pinpoint Cohiba over their success rather than their blend or specific vitolas, he told more than 1,500 delegates gathered for this forum that’ll come to a close on Saturday.

Habanos’ leadership rests on three solid foundations: the denomination of origin –the mightiest of its kind in the world- the brand portfolio, that’s second best to no other in the business, and the distribution network that allows the product to reach out to over 150 different markets with a culture of its own, he concluded.

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