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 For decades, making a difference, having something unique everybody wants but it’s yet within the reach of only a few, has been the name of game for the luxury market, a trend that counts only on a handful of select items in which Habanos are unwaveringly included.

Overall, the luxury market –it embraces both goods and experiences- ramped up 5 percent in 2017, worth over a billion dollars, according to a report released by Bain & Company in collaboration with Fondazione Altagamma. More local consumption and hefty purchases fostered growth in a sector that always keeps customers as the centerpiece of its actions. Brands in such diverse fields as fashion, cosmetics, aviation, yachts, cars, jewels, watches, liquors and tourist resorts were all in the mix.

Car sales were no doubt the number-one source of growth for the luxury market in 2017. The Aston Martin Valkyrie ($3.9 million) is a “Formula I on the streets” that peaks this niche as the most expensive sport cars, according to the Forbes magazine’s ranking. Valued at $55 million, Graff Diamonds is penciled in as a masterpiece of jewelry and watchmaking. In the realm of liquors, a Spanish wine made headlines in 2017 for its $29,000 price tag.

In the same breath, the Clive Christian N°1 Imperial Majesty panned out to be the priciest perfume of 2017. It had hit the market back in 2006 at a staggering price tag of $205,000.

When it comes to flying, the world’s only private Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a rosy diamond of 59.6 karats that went under the gavel at $71.2 million, and deluxe superyachts, like the $1.5-billion Eclipse, are good cases in point.

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