Casa del Habano Presents Two Exclusives: the Replica of the Hoyo de Monterrey Antic Humidor and the 2011 Habanos Collection


Humidor Hoyo de MonterreyColecciòn Habanos 2011Habano lovers from around the world will soon reach out for two upcoming exclusives thought out just for the Casa del Habano franchise network and its more than 130 stores around the globe.

The two new novelties –the replica of the Hoyo de Monterrey antic humidor and the 2011 Habanos Collection (Obras Completas Edición Única)- are genuine gems for the world’s finest collectors or the most steadfast habano enthusiasts.

As far as the replica of the Hoyo de Monterrey antic humidor is concerned, this is a 350-copy output containing 50 Maravillas No. 1 Hoyo de Monterrey (ring gauge 55 x 182mm long), a vitola especially handpicked for this piece of craftsmanship.

Humidor Hoyo de MonterreyHumidor Hoyo de MonterreyHumidor Hoyo de Monterrey









These fifty Maravillas No. 1 de Hoyo de Monterrey were totally hand-rolled with tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo plantations, the island nation’s most prestigious tobacco-growing region, and whipped into shape by seasoned cigar rollers.

The blend of the Maravillas No.1 carries the unmistakable taste of Hoyo de Monterrey, highly coveted by those who prefer a much milder, very aromatic habano that keeps its elegance of complex blend in just one piece.

Maravillas No.1 Hoyo de Monterrey is a vitola of superb sizes (ring gauge 55 x 182mm long) designed for habano connoisseurs who like long-format cigars for lengthier moments of pleasure and enjoyment.

This vitola is not listed in the Hoyo de Monterrey brand’s standard portfolio. It was produced in Havana’s factories till the 1970s. An interesting detail is that the Maravillas vitola was rolled for the first time within the Hoyo de Monterrey brand for an exclusive output ordered by cigar dealer Alfred Dunhill in London back in the 1960s.

The history of those pieces of furniture used for storing and preserving habanos is as old as the early marketing of Cuban hand-rolled cigars.

In the 1890s, the making of humidors and cases for habanos was widely known. They were marked by a tremendous variety of styles and famous for the outer beauty of the pieces, in which different kinds of Cuban precious woods were used –an excellent complement to the habano’s characteristic aroma.

This humidor replica joins the ranks of exclusive productions made in recent years and that have already panned out to be classics in the realm of habanos.

Colección Habanos 2011Colección Habanos 2011







Colección Habanos 2011Colección Habanos 2011Colección Habanos 2011












This volume of the 2011 Habanos Collection is a very special product with which Habanos S.A. intends to celebrate the uninterrupted presence –in the course of a decade- of the Habanos Collection in the world markets.

It consists of 1,000 numbered cases that have been exclusively produced and distributed for the La Casa del Habano franchise network.

The “Obras Completas” (Complete Works) name stems from the fact that it stands for 30 habanos: 3 of each vitola contained in it are:

Cuaba, Salomones (57 x 184 mm), launched in the market in 2001
Partagas, Serie C No1 (48 x 170 mm), 2002
Hoyo de Monterrey, Extravaganza (50 x 180 mm), 2003
Romeo y Julieta, Fabulosos No. 6 (52 x 180 mm), 2004
Montecristo, Maravillas No.1 (55 x 182 mm), 2005
Trinidad, Torre Iznaga (52 x 170 mm), 2006
H. Upmann, Magnum Especial (55 x 170 mm), 2007
Cohiba, Sublimes Extra (54 x 184 mm), 2008
San Cristóbal de La Habana, O´Reilly (56 x 160 mm), 2009
Bolívar, Gran Belicoso (54 x 184 mm), 2010

These formats were exclusive productions for each volume and most of them are unrepeated within the brand.

All of them were totally hand-rolled by seasoned Cuban cigar makers who used the finest leaves from the Vuelta Abajo tobacco plantations in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Since 2001, the Habanos Collections has been one of the most anticipated special series among habano lovers and perhaps the product that generates more expectations each year among the most faithful consumers and the most passionate collectors of the world’s best cigars.

Owning a Habanos Collections Complete Works is having a masterpiece respected and admired by all faithful habano enthusiasts.


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