Luis Sanchez-Harguindey Pardo De Vera Tapped as New Habanos S.A. Co-President


Luis Sanchez-Harguindey Pardo De Vera, former chief of Imperial Tobacco Group’s Financial Division, is replacing Buenaventura Jimenez as new co-president of the Habanos S.A. Corporation.

Luis Sanchez-Harguindey has vast experience in the world of Habanos, not only from his current position, but also during his previous stint in Cuba, where he served as Financial Vice President of the Habanos Corp. from 2003 to 2006.

Habanos S.A. appreciates and underscores Buenaventura Jimenez’s dedication, support and passion in his job, as well as his major participation in the company’s success. Habanos S.A. wishes Mr. Jimenez the very best in the future.

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